Case Study: B-Source enters a new era of power continuity

B-Source is the Swiss market leader in the sourcing of back office and IT services (BPO) to private and universal banks. The company also provides IT Outsourcing (ITO) services to the financial, insurance and other selected industries.

B-Source’s customers include banks in Switzerland and a number of other countries. Founded in 1995, B-Source has offices in Lucerne, Lugano, Nyon, Winterthur, Zurich and Munich. Its data centres are located in Lugano and Zurich. The current number of employees is 600, half of which are banking professionals.

When the data centre’s power protection system reached its capacity, the manager decided to reach out to Newave to completely remodel the UPS facility and to replace the aging UPS infrastructure. Newave has been asked to replace the existing 5x120kVA UPSs with four PowerWave 33 160kW (N+1) including an external battery offering 15 minutes back up time.

The replacement of the power protection infrastructure was very challenging as the customer required no downtime to replace the UPS and the project had to be completed quickly. Newave realized this project in two steps. During a week-end Newave replaced the existing UPSs with PowerWave 33 UPS systems using the existing batteries, and some days later the new batteries were installed. The migration from the old batteries to the new ones were realised while protecting the load through UPS on the inverter. This type of operation required a lot of effort by the Newave’s service department which fulfilled the task in a very professional way.

Newave’s system has been chosen because its UPS systems are particularly energy-efficient. With a transformerless design and Energy Saving Inverter Switching (ESIS) technology, the PowerWave 33 delivers high efficiency at partial and full load (up to 96% in double conversion online mode). This level of efficiency dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership of the UPS system during its life cycle. The new UPS systems allow the customer to save approximately 10’000. – CHF per year.

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