Newave Netherlands equips various large data centers in Benelux

Project Nr. 1: 12 x 300 kW

One of Newave Netherlands’ main resellers, ICTroom, is establishing one of the biggest operational data centres in Belgium. To guarantee power supply for the data centre, the data centre provider will install Newave’s three-phase PowerWave 33. The data centre’s building is segmented in three separate data rooms. Each data room is protected by a 2N UPS configuration (equipment is protected by two redundant feeds). Initially there will be installed 600 kW in a 2N configuration for each data room (in total 2x2x300 kW in each of the three rooms). The final configuration will include the double quantity (so each segment will have 2x4x300 kW, in total 24×300 kW). The data centre will occupy 3000 square metres, making it one of Belgium’s largest with a 3 megawatts of total capacity.

Project Nr. 2: 10 x 200 kW

A data centre and managed services company is building and operating several data centres across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The company has now chosen Newave to equip the newest data centre. The installation includes five sets of 2 x 200 kW (in total 10 x PowerWave 33 200 kW).

Along with new regulations to reduce carbon emissions and achieve energy security, many governments are turning to tax relieve to promote renewable energy or low carbon emissions. To benefit from government support, the data centre provider set the goal to comply with the standards given by the EIA (Energy Investment tax deduction program). The provider has chosen Newave because Newave fulfilled the requirement by the EIA consisting among others of a double conversion efficiency of >96%. Furthermore Newave convinced the customer during the pre-sales phase with highly qualified technical consultancy services. Last but not least an excellent reference given by Interconnect (one of our data centre customers with an installation of 2x 300 kW done in 2008 and an installation of 8x 250 kW done in 2011) helped Newave to win this new customer.

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