Update about the new Energy Star Specifications for UPS

Three months ago, we blogged about a proposed ENERGY STAR® UPS rating to stimulate a development towards higher energy efficiency. Now the specification will be finalized and become effective in Q1 2012. It applies to nearly every UPS product on the market, from consumer-scale up through multi-MW data center systems.

Serverwatch writes:

“An average Energy Star labeled data center UPS will recoup between 15 and 25 percent of its original purchase cost during its lifetime. For example, the average 1 MW Energy Star system will save approximately 266 MWh of energy per year, equivalent to saving $200,000 over the 15-year lifetime of the product—and many Energy Star products will save even more.

With more efficient Energy Star UPS systems data centers can stop dropping kWh on the floor before they’ve even touched the centers’ IT load.”

On the Energy Star-Website you can find constantly updated information about the process of developing this new product specification. Especially the section for stakeholder comments on the draft for specification and test method for UPS provides some interesting insights. We highly recommend a look at these documents.

energystar.gov | Uninterruptible Power Supplies»

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