Modern UPS technologies help to achieve efficiency goals

In an article on DatacenterDynamics titled “Why the UPS is vital to the data center” Uninterruptible Power Supply Ltd technical manager Matt Henley explains the results of a recent UPS survey into the UK data center industry’s critical power requirements.

More than 75% of the 2000 IT professionals questioned reported that their UPS system was called upon to protect critical equipment during a power outage within the last 12 months. More than 63% regard reducing overall operating costs as their main driver to reduce power consumption, compared to just 27% which are driven by their desire to reduce the carbon footprint.

The fact is that the growth of the data center market has accelerated the development of UPS systems functionally, especially in the areas of reliability, efficiency, availability, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Other key findings of the survey are:

  • Transformerless technology lies at the heart of modern UPS design.
  • Modular design increases UPS availability because a faulty module can be quickly replaced.

Matt Henley: “The survey has shown how UPS users’ concerns reflect our current political, business and technical environment. Inexorable growth in data center demand, coupled with increasing concerns about UK power grid availability lead users to value reliability highly, while viewing reliability as the sum of the equipment and its support […]

With rising energy costs and increasingly aggressive ‘green’ legislation, energy saving is also a priority to save costs, and to a lesser but significant extent, meet carbon footprint reduction and social responsibility goals. A large majority of the respondents have carbon reduction policies and strategies to investigate product efficiencies in place. Modern UPS technologies help users to achieve these goals, but the right choice of supplier is essential as well.”

Matt Henley: Why the UPS is vital to the data center»

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