What’s behind the proposed ENERGY STAR® for UPS specification

In research carried out for the New York Times, consulting professor and sustainability consultant Jonathan Koomey found that the growth in data centers’ electricity consumption slowed from 2005 to 2010. On the other hand there’s a lot of talk about the ENERGY STAR® Rating for UPS as part of the ENERGY STAR Data Center Energy Efficieny Initiatives.

One question remains: Why pursue a rating system for the UPS when the industry is already moving forward with products that achieve higher levels of energy efficiency? Well, in large part to drive greater market appreciation for the value that a high-efficiency power system brings to data center owners and operators.

This is also the opinion of the European Commission in its comment on the drafts for the Energy Star rating:

“We believe that there is still a high need to measure and assess energy consumption in datacenters and that a requirement of power measurements and energy efficiency calculation in UPS systems could be stimulate a development towards higher energy efficiency focus.”

That’s a good point. Therefore, we also recommend for all of our readers interested in data center energy efficiency and UPS efficiency to review the documents regarding the development of a new product specification for Uninterruptible Power Supplies after the following links:

All doccuments regarding the development of a new product specification for UPS

Green Grid Energy Star Wiki

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