Global survey about the business of sustainability: Implications for the UPS industry

According to a recent McKinsey survey, many companies are actively integrating sustainability principles into their businesses. Doing so they go far beyond reputation management. The survey explored why and how companies are addressing sustainability and to what extent executives believe it affects their companies’ bottom line, now and over the next five years.

They are focussing on goals like like saving energy and developing green products. For example, the share of respondents saying their companies’ top reasons for addressing sustainability include improving operational efficiency and lowering costs is 33 percent. Reputation is the second most cited reason, followed by alignment with the company’s business goals, mission, or values and new growth opportunities.

Moreover, the areas where most executives say their companies are taking action are reducing energy usage and reducing waste in operations, ahead of reputation management.

What leads to the question, what the results of the McKinsey report mean for the UPS industry.

At the end of the day there is increasing pressure on costs in the data centre sector, and environmental awareness is becoming an ever more important factor for innovations. Sustainability from an ecological and an economic perspective plays an important role and is the key element of all the trends which can currently be observed in general and among among data centers and the UPS systems.

In the near future legal framework conditions will influence the future development of data centers. For example, the European “Code of Conduct on Data Center’s Energy Efficiency” or the proposed “ENERGY STAR® for UPS specification” provide very concrete suggestions as to how energy consumption can be optimized and managed in data centers.

In the long term, it is possible that these recommendations will become mandatory for manufacturers of components used in data centers. Then UPS systems will be classified based on their energy efficiency. So it is no surprise, that we at Newave believe in our mission to protect the critical applications of our customers efficiently and to lower their environmental impact in a sustainable way.

McKinsey Quarterly | The business of sustainability: McKinsey Global Survey results»

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