Essential Tips For Greening Your Data Center with modular UPS

In a recently published article we already pointed out that modular UPS save you money and make your data center greener.  Uninterrupted Power Supplies Ltd. now offers three useful tips for data center operators to stay green:

1. Reduce physical UPS footprint

A modular UPS topology shrinks a system footprint and reduces weight. The critical load demand is met by a number of smaller UPSs operating in parallel rather than one large monolithic unit.

2. Improve UPS running efficiency

Because UPS efficiency increases with loading, modular units run with higher efficiency compared to standalone units. This improved efficiency reduces direct energy cost and brings further savings through reduced cooling costs and carbon emissions.

3. ‘Rightsizing’ UPS to match critical load

Growth in load demand can be accommodated by modular increments of the UPS system capacity. Slotting another module into a spare rack location will restore the system’s N+1 redundancy status, without interrupting power to the load.

In essence, modular UPS topology provides secure power, uses less energy, generates less CO2, and is flexible to adapt to changing critical load demands – all attractive propositions to today’s data centre operators.

For more insights we redommend our article Best practice: UPS in green Data Centers. | Green Power Tips for Today’s Data Centres

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