Maximizing Data Center Efficiency and Availability with modular UPS

Today’s data center manager is challenged by a wide array of demands on the IT infrastructure while adhering to budgetary limitations. Among the main issues here are efficiency and availability.

Emerson Network Power recently published the white paper “Maximizing data center efficiency, capacity and availability through integrated infrastructure” which explores the typical infrastructure challenges facing today’s data center manager, and the proven industry best practices.

In the figure below you find the top data center challenges reported by IT prefessionals in 2011:

The white paper analyzes seven best practices that address these challenges in order to ensure that the data center’s physical infrastructure is properly designed, operated and managed. Two of them show how irreplaceable modular UPS systems have become in recent years:

1. Select a power system to optimize your availability and efficiency needs

The integration of higher density, high-availability UPS systems with built-in redundancy into the row helps data center managers to eliminate single points of failure and ensure that power fluctuations or interruptions do not result in downtime or catastrophic equipment failures.

2. Design for flexibility using scalable architectures that minimizes footprint

Modular systems can help in managing a data center infrastructure that experiences fluctuations in capacity needs. Virtually every component of the physical infrastructure is now available in a modular design. Modularity can be applied to specific infrastructure equipment such as UPS systems. Modularity and scalability of infrastructure equipment improves speed, ease and cost of deployment when adding capacity.

Download the White Paper “Maximizing data center efficiency, capacity and availability through integrated infrastructure” by Emerson Network Power via DatacenterDynamics

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