Case Study: UPS In Modular Data Centers

The area of modular data centers is witnessing increased interest across the globe. Unfortunately the term is used to describe a number of different applications. Some see modularity as nothing more than scalability in the data center. Others believe the term modular describes containerized solutions. One thing most agree on is that modularity has its benefits. It can reduce the time and cost of bringing new data center capacity online.

In “Focus On Containers” Bernard Geoghegan, Executive Vice President of Colt Data Centre Services, explains the difference between containers and modular data centers. “Modular is not containerized,” he said. “Containers have a special purpose – they are not where the larger part of the market is. Customers like to build data centers themselves – modular gives them that flexibility. Modularity is being able to build a data center piece by piece. It is being able to expand the IT a company uses as and when it needs to by adding additional modules of space.”

To achieve this one needs the ability to add UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) capacity in modules. Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited, our advanced business partner in UK, recently published a case study about Colt Data Centre Services’ approach to modular data center design. Colt chose highly energy efficient, three phase UPS systems, with low TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) like Newave’s “PowerWave 33 60-300kVA Series 2”.

Each of Colt data center’s modules is constructed to deliver class leading levels of resilience. This provides a high degree of redundancy throughout the facility, which extends to the chosen UPS system. Each of the initial 12 modules will feature three integrated UPS units, designed to support the critical load and the mechanical load. Each configuration uses two UPS with a load capacity of 80KVA, working in an N + N  redundant formation. The third UPS is a smaller one, which supports the mechanical load.

Find out more about UPS in modular Data Centers after the following links: | Case Study: Colt Data Centre Services

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