Predictions about the future of the modular and scalable UPS Market

According to this article by DatacenterDynamics (based on data by Frost & Sullivan) today’s market for data center UPS is characterized by the need for higher capacity per unit of space, energy efficiency and an increasing interest in alternative energy storage solutions.

Within this global trend the market for scalable und modular Uninterrupitble Power Supply Systems (UPS) shows no slowing down, according to another recent Frost & Sullivan Report that examines the European UPS market.

Technical advancement in modular UPS is one of the key factors driving growth. Demand for quality power from datacentres that need efficient UPS with much lower footprint and better efficiency are the major end-user drivers for modular UPS. As predicted in the report, high flexibility and reduced footprint propels the modular UPS systems market toward $404.7 Million in 2017.

“The market is expected to register high compound annual growth rate of 15.4 per cent between 2010 and 2017, as many established UPS manufacturers are trying to add modular UPS systems to their portfolio,” says the analyst of Frost & Sullivan. “Even though the capital investment is high, the total cost of ownership is low. Apart from the diminished costs of ownership, reduced carbon emissions, superior flexibility and high availability will drive the modular UPS market.”

Conclusion: End users are gradually recognizing modular UPS’ benefits of energy efficiency, independent modules and reduced carbon emissions.

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