Best practice: UPS in green Data Centers

Recently we blogged about how high efficiency UPS makes Data Centers greener and concluded that modular systems contribute greatly to energy efficiency. During our research we found an document that provides concrete recommendations on that issue.

“Best Practices for the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres” (via DatacentersBlog) is a companion to the “EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres”. The paper provides the full list of identified best practices for Data Center operators as referenced in the Code of Conduct.

One key factor for energy efficiency in Data Centers is the selection and deployment of new power equipment. Power delivery equipment has a substantial impact upon the efficiency of the data centre and tends to stay in operation for many years once installed.

The best practices regarding UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) are:

  • The purchase of modular (scalable) UPS systems.This substantially reduces both the capital cost and the fixed overhead losses of these systems.
  • High efficiency UPS systems should be selected, of any technology including electronic or rotary to meet site requirements.
  • UPS should be deployed in their most efficient operating modes such as line interactive.

We at Newave believe, that at the end of the day legal frameworks as the EU Code of Conduct will influence the future development of data centres. Modular UPS systems, are the one and only solution to be prepared for this development.

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