Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime: UPS related failure proved to be the most costly

Emerson Network Power recently released a white paper about the bottom line cots of data center downtime. The report, entitled “Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime: An Analysis of the Financial Impact of Infrastructure Vulnerability”, analyzed costs at 41 data centers in varying industry segments (The data centers studied were a minimum of 2,500 square feet/230 square meters).

Key findings include the following:

  • The average cost of data center downtime across industries was approximately $5,600 per minute.
  • The average reported incident length was 90 minutes, resulting in an average cost per incident of approximately $505,500.
  • For a total data center outage, which had an average recovery time of 134 minutes, average costs were approximately $680,000.
  • For a partial data center outage, which averaged 59 minutes in length, average costs were approximately $258,000.
  • Downtime can be even more costly for enterprises with revenue models that depend on the data center′s ability to deliver IT and networking services to customers-such as telecommunications service providers and e-commerce companies. The report cited the highest cost of a single event at about $1 million (more than $11,000 per minute).
  • Respondents of the survey most frequently cited uninterruptible power supply battery failure (65 percent), exceeding UPS capacity (53 percent), accidental emergency power off/human error (51 percent), and UPS equipment failure (49 percent) as the causes of unplanned data center outages.
  • Among the root causes of downtime related to power, UPS related failures (including batteries) proved to be the most costly.

To minimize these risks, we recommend to implement redundancy. This allows facility managers to eliminate single points of failure in their power infrastructures. When adding a UPS for redundancy or replacing an existing or failed module, the long-term reliability of the solution should be the highest priority.

Download “Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime” (via DatacenterDynamics)

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