How To Avoid UPS Battery Fires In The Data Center

On 29 April UPS fire brought down the data center of Italy‘s largest web hosting company, located near Arezzo. A short circuit in battery cabinets used by UPS systems triggered an automatic power cut to the entire facility (As reported at DatacenterDynamics, the provider of UPS systems, battery packs and maintenance services was Eaton).
The incident prompted colleagues of Uptime Institute Blog to research options of how to avoid battery fires in the data center. Their conclusion: Battery fires happen – and thermal runaway is the biggest concern for causing battery fire.
According to Uptime Institute Professional Services Consultant, Chris Brown, there are ways to help avoid thermal runaway:

  • keep the batteries and charging means (UPS) in good condition and proper maintenance
  • establish a battery monitoring system that monitors the cell temperature of each battery
  • charge at compensated temperature

„Regular preventative maintenance can spot problematic batteries or cells before they fail internally“, says Chris Brown. „That can lead to a thermal runaway as well as allow technicians to adjust charging voltage and current to ensure the batteries are not overcharged.”

Read more about UPS misconceptions in Data Centers on our Website.

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