How High Efficiency UPS Makes Data Centers Greener

In recent years, the term “green data center” grew in popularity. Increasing consumption of electricity and constant rise of the cost of electricity forced manufacturers to produce less energy-consuming products and to research different ways of reducing energy costs.
Using the phrase “green data center” does not necessarily imply the transition to data centers powered by clean energy, such as solar or wind power. The term “green” describes the deliberate usage of least energy-consuming ways to utilise devices while ensuring their highest performance. In a data centre, most energy is consumed by the supporting infrastructure, such as power supply and cooling systems. At 18 %, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are the third largest electricity consumers. Little wonder then, that energy efficiency is a major issue in this context.
We at Newave believe that modular systems contribute greatly to energy efficiency. (Read more in the article “Look into the future Trends in UPS system”)
Modularity lays the foundation for “right-sizing”. The infrastructure of a data centre can grow in its lifetime as a function of increasing requirements. With the introduction of modular systems, Newave has had a major impact on the market. The reasons are obvious: Modular UPS systems save you money and make your data center “greener”.

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