UPS Technology For The World’s Most Sustainable Data Centre

Merlin ist Capgemini’s newest data center, located in Swindon, UK. Sustainability has been at the heart of the Merlin project. Among Merlin’s key sustainability achievements are:

  • An expected PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.10
  • Built to LEED standard – an independent and internationally recognized green building accreditation.
  • A fresh air cooling system that delivers 80% savings in run costs and produces up to 50% less carbon emissions
  • Power savings of 91% compared to an ‘industry average’ data center (with a PUE of 2.5)
  • The elimination of batteries in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) thanks to the application of innovative flywheel technology. (Read more about Merlin in this White Paper)

For achieving this Capgemini utilizes Active Power’s PowerHouse Solution (See the Press Release). This contains Active Power’s CleanSource 1500 kVA UPS system that conditions utility power to critical server loads, but also provides bridge power to diesel generators in the instance of a long term outage.

Paul Anderson, program director at Capgemini UK: “The UPS system’s high efficiency and proven reliability, in part, allows us to achieve an extremely low PUE of 1.11, but also earn full tier 3 certification from the Uptime Institute, which stipulates 99.998 percent uptime.”

This project shows what we at Newave believe is one of the most important goals of the future: Energy costs are the fastetest growing costs in data centers. And on the other hand IT service providers will have to demonstrate their environmental credentials. Only UPS systems as the aforementioned and as the scalable UPS systems by Newave are ready to set new standards in sustainability and energy efficiency while at the same time reduce carbon footprint and emissions.

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