Why power factor has to be taken into account when specifying a UPS

When specifying a new UPS, its power rating must be well matched to the job in hand. If the UPS cannot handle the real power and the reactive power consumed by the load an overload situation will quickly develop that could lead to UPS damage or outage and the critical load becoming unprotected.

However, picking the correct power rating is not as straightforward as it may seem as, for most applications, the aspect of power factor and load profile will have to be taken into consideration.

To find out how this approach can be taken in practice, we highly recommend the ABB White Paper “Power factor and the uninterruptible power supply” by Elina Hermungen.

Download (PDF, 125KB)

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ABB’s UPS makes a show in Vietnam

ABB’s DPA UPScale ST UPS and PCS 100 featured at power and automation show in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam’s expanding economy is driving a growing demand for electricity. Governmental and other agencies are, therefore, striving to ensure that the country’s power infrastructure keeps up with national needs. One important aspect of this effort is the staging of an annual international electric power industry event to enhance intra-regional power trade, promote investment and foster technology transfer. Held in mid-September and co-hosted with the Industrial Automation Vietnam 2016 show, the Electric and Power Vietnam event is now in its sixth year and has established itself as one of the region’s major power shows.

Mr. Richard Yue, ABB’s Local Division Sales Manager, played a key role in setting up and running the ABB part of the event. He explains, “the show is one of the major events of its kind in the region, with 7000 m2 of exhibition space, over 150 exhibitors from 22 countries and seven international group pavilions.”

With over 4600 participants and 195 group delegations, the event was extremely well attended – a sign of the vigorous growth of the power business in Vietnam. Derrick Koh, ABB’s Regional Sales Manager for Asia was very satisfied with the success of the ABB stand, “I am pleased to say that the ABB stand was the most crowded and attractive of the whole show, with various products and solutions displayed – including the DPA UPScale ST UPS and the PCS 100, which both attracted a lot of interest.”

At the ABB stand, visitors were made aware of the importance of various power quality issues and how ABB solutions such as the DPA UPScale ST UPS can help resolve them. Over two days, seminars were held to describe in more detail power quality challenges and ABB solutions for them. These seminars were very well received by the over 60 participants, who rated the content at 4.55/5.

Overall, Derrick Koh, Richard Yue and their colleagues in the South Asian sales team organized and hosted an event that was highly successful for ABB, with 570 visitors to the stand interested enough to give their details, in addition to 120 participants in the two ABB seminars.

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Report: Growth in Data Center Construction Market is led by UPS segment

The digital revolution is producing an enormous growth in data volumes. It is obvious that this has triggered an increase in the need for construction and renovation of data centers worldwide as well. A recently released report covers the present scenario and the prospects of the global data center construction market for 2016-2020: The analysts forecast global data center construction market to grow at a CAGR of 12.51% during that period.

Apart from this, the authors have also found out which segment will lead in the DC contruction market in the next years: It’s the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

„UPS systems constitute the backbone of data center operations. They provide backup power during disruptions that interfere with workloads and harm data center hardware infrastructure, including servers and storage units in a worst case scenario. As data center setups are becoming increasingly complex in terms of capacity and density, there is an augmented requirement for UPS systems that help enterprises achieve better availability, efficiency, and scalability in operations.“

Source: Global Data Center Construction Market 2016-2020»

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Recommended reading: „Powering the railways with Reliable UPS“

Power disruptions in rail networks are not a mere inconvenience, they can also pose serious hazards to public health and safety. How ABB’s UPS help to make the rail networks both safe and prompt, is described in a recently published article at azom.com.
It shows that ABB has a wide-ranging experience in developing, providing, and supporting specific and standard UPS solution for both underground and above-ground rail installations across the world.

In several examples, it is shown that ABB can offer a wide range of UPS systems that are used in rail networks and metro systems to ensure reliable, stable and continuous power for many different rail applications, including signaling, operational services,  operational control cetners, emergency lightning and more:

„Systems offering video surveillance, radio communications, fire protection, and emergency lighting are just a few of the safety-relevant, critical low-voltage loads demanding continuous power supply. ABB’s standard products are customized for such applications, with the advantages of a low cost of installation, maintenance and service and the highest availability and reliability. ABB’s power protection systems also provide support to passenger services, including lift systems, ticketing systems, information panels, lights and auxiliary services for rail personnel.“

Source: AZOM.com | Powering the railways with Reliable UPS»

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The role of the static switch in supplying continuous power under all conditions

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) support critical loads by using stored energy during mains power blackouts. But they must also offer protection from electrical noise, spikes and surges as well as overloads and possibly even failures within themselves.

In a recently published article, Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, explores the role of static switches and their contribution to UPS protection, especially with systems that have a modular topology.

His conclusion:

„Modern UPS systems are seldom single-channel architectures; modular implementations offer many advantages. However, these installations must be internally synchronised to function successfully, with all modules either on inverter or on bypass. The use of one static switch per module is favoured, to avoid a single point of failure.

Today’s UPS systems, especially those that use modular technology, are flexible and easily scalable while protecting their critical load from many different threat types. Static switches play a key role in assuring this resilient performance.“

Read the full article to find out more»

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Case study: UPS systems by ABB protect a leading brewery’s production, filling and logistics center

The Krombacher brewery is one of the leading pre-mium breweries in Germany. Installed in autumn 2015, three DPA UPScale ST UPS systems by ABB protect the company’s production, filling and logistics center in Krombach.

In 2015, the brewery delivered an all-time high in terms of output and sales revenues and sold 4.26 million hectoliters of Krombacher Pils alone, their flagship product. In order to ensure a continuous production and logistics of such large quantities, the supply of uninterruptible, clean i.e. undisturbed power has to provided.

With the decision for the replacement of the aged UPS installation with state-of-the-art UPScale ST systems in 2015, the brewery made the step towards modular UPS technology.

One important argument for the ABB solution was the decentralized parallel architecture (DPA) of the DPA UPScale ST modules. Each system consists of autonomous UPS modules containing the complete hardware and software required for the operation of the overall system. In the worst-case event when one UPS module fails, the overall system continues operation with the capacity of one module less (N+1-redundancy).

“In regard to fail-safety, the concept of a modular exchange was the crucial criteria. Using 10 or 20 kVA modules, each system featured good scalability according to the respective power requirements“, Timo Kleinsorge , from Krombacher Brauer states.

Timo Kleinsorge sees the benefits of the new solution in an increased flexibility, availability and cost-effectiveness: “The systems are optimally designed for the required performance and not over-dimensioned. Through modular technology, we can easily expand the systems without having to purchase a new UPS system. Furthermore, the N+1-concept provides maximum availability“.

You can find out more about this use case in our recently publishe e-magazine Power, available for download here.

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Opportunity in Global DCIM Market to Near US$ 3 billion by 2024 

According to a new report by Transparency Market Research, the opportunity in the global DCIM market stood at US$ 529.5 mn in 2015 and is likely to be worth US$ 2859.2 mn by 2024, registering a strong CAGR of 21.1% from 2016 to 2024.

Transparency Market Research has observed that the rivalry among existing companies in the DCIM market is presently high as leading players are acquiring smaller enterprises to gain market share. New product development, business partnerships, and diversification are also key strategies adopted by the leading companies to remain competitive.

“The surging usage of internet across the globe has resulted in the generation of massive amounts of data, which in turn, has driven the growth of data centers,” states the author of the study. Most data centers operate round the clock and consume significant amounts of energy for lighting, cooling, heating, and IT equipment. “Data centers today are prompted to curb energy consumption and optimize efficiency and DCIM solutions have fulfilled this very demand. This is one of the key factors fueling the data center infrastructure management market,” the analyst says.

The market is also anticipated to be driven by the rise in government regulations pertaining to carbon emissions. “Governments around the world have been paying increased attention to the alarming rise in carbon emissions and are enforcing regulations to drive companies to build and use green data centers,” the analyst comments. The DCIM market is projected to benefit from this emerging trend in the coming years.

On the down side, the lack of expertise and awareness regarding the benefits of DCIM solutions are likely to inhibit the growth of the global market. High initial investment also acts as a barrier for several small-to-medium enterprises.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 – 2024»

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New Video: ABB’s industrial power protection – PowerLine DPA UPS

ABB’s PowerLine DPA is an online double conversion UPS. It makes the advantages of ABB’s unique modular UPS architecture available for locations that are usually rough on electronic equipment. PowerLine DPA is based on ABB’s Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA) that ensures the very best UPS design in terms of availability, flexibility, cost and ease of use.

Its robust design is suitable for industrial plant environments that have a variety of temperatures, dust, moisture and corrosive contaminants. The PowerLine DPA is designed to have a design life of 15 years.

Find out more about PowerLine DPA UPS»

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